The Power Of Solar Battery Storage

The long wait for solar batteries is finally over! We offer a wide range of batteries to suit every homeowners and business owners needs. Installing a battery onto your existing solar system allows you to be energy independent 24/7. 


Our finance plans are also available for battery storage. 

A report by the Sunwiz solar consultancy indicates that 70% of homeowners with an existing PV array would like a battery retrofitted with it. 


The trend is set by rising electricity prices, lowered cost and heightened the quality of batteries, solar homeowners who saw the return on their array and still have significant residual nighttime usage, strong branding by key players (special mention to Tesla & Sonnen) and, more recently, government incentives.


For fairly obvious reasons Australia is set to be a key market for PV paired battery storage solutions. Insolation per metre square, the relatively longstanding and developed solar industry, high tariffs and the differential between export versus import electricity prices. Australia's ideal really.


Projections suggest that we should see anywhere between 150,000 to 450,000 batteries installed nationally by 2020, according to the Smart Energy Council.