Complaints handling procedure

Customer satisfaction is important to us. We aim to produce high quality systems with top tier customer care.


We will aim to resolve issues within 10 working days of receipt of the complaint, we take this time to review the complaint made and to properly investigate the issue to produce the best outcome for our customers. All complaints will be handled as a top priority. Our procedure is processed in these steps.

Step 1 – Lodge a complaint

Complaints can be made by post, email or by phone call.

Please include the following details so we can expedite the process for you.

  • Your Astra Solar Pty Ltd Reference; found on your contract/in your owner’s manual.

  • Your name and contact details

  • The complaint details, including photos or videos

  • And the remedy requested for the


Complaints via post will be processed on arrival to our - 10 Bilton Place, Lyons, ACT, 2606 - address. We will contact you within 3 days of arrival. We aim to resolve postal complaints within 10 working days.

Complaints via email should be sent to . We will confirm receipt of your complaint within 3 days of its arrival. We aim to resolve email complaints within 10 working days.

Complaints via phone should be lodged using our 1300 517 120 freephone number. Our representatives will take the details of the issue and we will aim to resolve the complaint within 10 working days. Where possible we will resolve the complaint on the phone on initial contact.

Step 2 – Resolutions and reporting

Our customer service will review the complaint, investigate the details of the issue, produce a report and respond as soon as possible. In the event we are unable to offer a full response within our timeframes we will also include an explanation for the lateness.

In the event that the complaint needs to be raised with our management team, please allow an additional 5 working days for a complete response, as we will need extra time for investigation.

Step 3 – Technical services

If there are repairs or technical assistance needed, this will be included in the report and we will organise one of our technicians to visit the property to resolve the issue.

Escalation of a Complaint

If you were unhappy with our complaints process and need to escalate the issue, this can be done through the correct avenue for your state here:

ACT: Planning and Land Authority, (02) 6207 1923
NSW: Fair Trading, 13 32 20

The Clean Energy Council is an industry governing body for ensuring proper quality and correct processes are followed from the first contact through to post install services. Their complaints process can be found here:

Privacy and Collection of Details

As a part of our complaints process, we will hold the details of your complaint for up to 10 years. This is in line with our workmanship warranty outlined in your contract. We do this to maintain a record of any and all issues with any system installed by Astra Solar Pty Ltd for the life of the warranty. This does not change or inhibit your rights under the Privacy Act 1988.