Angus Taylor & Affordable Energy — Facts V. Ideology

The new Federal energy minister the Honorable Mr. Angus Taylor yesterday outlined his position on moving forward to the National Small Business Summit in Sydney.

He wants to be known as the “minister of reducing electricity prices.”

His primary priority is exclusively to reduce power prices.

No ideology. No grand gestures. Purely pragmatic solutions.


Renewables Forecasted to Halve Wholesale Energy Prices Over Four Years

The most recent renewable energy index compiled by Green Markets has re-enforced the Energy Security Board’s analysis that additional MWs from renewables are demonstrably driving down power prices.

If his main aim is to reduce consumer cost of electricity: look no further Mr. Minister.

Their findings indicate that they remain on point to continue to do so.

Supposing a government doesn’t cut and paste funding from renewables to impractical but ideologically more comfortable alternatives.

Scare off in-depth investment by strategic schizophrenia.

De-incentivise residential involvement.

And just otherwise persist in patently obstructing the obviously needed turnover to renewables in Australia’s energy market.

What Average Australians Are After

Mr. Minister wears his heart on his sleeve. He cares. For families. About pensioners. Small businesses. Kittens, puppies, the children.

He listens. He’s heard from his “constituents” that they don’t want, they need lower electric bills.


Polling by the Lowy Institute found that 85% of respondents assented to the statement: “The government should focus on renewables, even if this means we may need to invest more in infrastructure to make the system more reliable.” Will he listen to that?

How about this? 88% think “Australia should invest more in alternative energy sources or risk being left behind.” Loud and clear?

Finally: 57% are altogether adamant that climate change is a “critical threat,” second alone to international terrorism.

The only thing that concerns average Australians more than climate change — is physical violence from terrorists.

And are not both problems people driven to destructive behavior by ideology, after all?

Quantum Canberra

Politicians in the current government are a lot like neutrons in Feynman’s slit experiments. They behave one way when observed, a completely other when you look away.

They’re terribly concerned for constituents (that’s their speak for “people”) when canvassing, curiously careless when drafting and planning policies.

They are all about driving down energy costs at business summits, then able blissfully to refuse to invest or encourage investment in the technology already actively doing so.

Publically dissociate themselves from ideology — practically keep to it with the fanatic’s faithfulness in their party politics.

Will the present Federal minister for energy prove himself to be different?

Probably not.

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