Batteries Beginning to Blitz It

With State subsidies on the horizon in Vic and SA — interest in batteries is heightening.

A report by the Sunwiz solar consultancy indicates that 70% of homeowners with an existing PV array would like a battery retrofitted with it.

UMR's research confirms that number. They found 69% are interested in adding batteries, 26% very interested and 43% fairly interested. And that was before the really recent relevant announcements of upcoming subsidies in SA and Vic.

The statistics show that investment, not just general interest, has increased as well.

Data from Sunwiz demonstrates that in the first six months of 2017 alone the number of solar storage solutions installed had already matched the total number for all of 2016. 2017 ended by tripling the 2016 figure. 12% of the 172,000 solar systems installed in 2017 included a battery — up from 5% in 2016.

There are presently 32,500 batteries installed across Australia all told. 28,000 of them are grid connected.

To break battery installations down by State,

New South Wales

Grid Connected: 39%

Offgrid: 32%

Local Government Policy: None


Grid Connected: 20%

Offgrid: 26%

Local Government Policy:

Interest free loans;

$50 incentive to register storage systems on a State database;

100MW reverse auction for solar storage


Grid Connected: 19%

Offgrid: 16%

Local Government Policy:

Battery subsidy for 10,000 solar homeowners (should Labour be reelected in November);

largest PV integrated solar storage system in all Australia: the Gannawarra Energy Storage System (Tesla Powerpack; 25MW/50MWh);

Fluence system at Ballarat (30 MW/30 MWh)


Grid Connected: 9%

Local Government Policy:

World's largest battery operative in the Hornsdale Power Reserve (Tesla Powerpack; 100 MW/129 MWh);

battery subsidy for 40,000 homeowners coming in this month;

Solar thermal plant in Port Augusta providing State Government electricity;

dispatchable renewable energy fund


Grid Connected: No Data

Offgrid: No Data

Local Government Policy:

Battery of the Nation; 831kW/1,000,000kWh per annum PV pilot


Grid Connected: No Data

Offgrid: No Data

Local Government Policy:

$25 million Next Generation Battery Storage scheme


Grid Connected: No Data

Offgrid: 14%

Local Government Policy: None


Grid Connected: No Data

Offgrid: No Data

Local Government Policy:

Past Home Improvement Scheme included up to $4,000 in vouchers for solar and battery installations;

Smart Energy Grants

All figures from the Clean Energy Regulator's data for 2010-2017.

The trend is set by rising electricity prices, lowered cost and heightened quality of batteries, solar homeowners who saw the return on their array and still have significant residual nighttime usage, strong branding by key players (special mention to Tesla & sonnen) and, more recently, government incentives.

For fairly obvious reasons Australia is set to be a key market for PV paired battery storage solutions. Insolation per metre square, relatively longstanding and developed solar industry, high tariffs and differential between export versus import elecricity prices. Australia's ideal really.

Projections suggest that we should see anywhere between 150,000 to 450,000 batteries installed nationally by 2020, according to the Smart Energy Council.

Ever considered a PV paired battery for yourself? Be in touch today to look into solar storage for your home or business with a friendly, informative and helpful Astra Solar consultant.

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