Battery Benefits — The Why and How of Buying a Battery

A solar storage solution has some obvious face-value benefits. But there are many key reasons why a battery is a particularly timely investment that are not as well-known.

Let’s look at them one-by-one.


A solar storage solution enables the homeowner to minimise ever drawing from the grid, but most crucially at those times when it is most expensive to do so.

This allows you to avoid peak prices whenever possible within the limitations of your day’s self-production and self-consumption.

Certain brands of battery (such as sonnen) even use probable production predictions based on weather forecasts and learn your usage behavior to help best navigate the caprices of the electricity retailers.


This advantage allows you not only to work around the most expensive times to find yourself drawing from the grid (as above), but also to sell back to it at the best time of day for a solar customer so as to make maximum profit from your feed-in tariff.

You charge at low-rate periods, discharge at peak demand periods. So save and make money alternately.

User-friendly Up-to-the-minute Monitoring

The best brands of battery have state-of-the-art software that can be viewed and utilised from one’s mobile phone, tablet or laptop — at home, from work or even overseas on holiday.

You’ll be able to see how much your solar array is producing together with how much power you’re personally consuming in real-time.

So you will know if you are self-sufficient and if so by how much.

This makes it possible for you to work out whether and how many additional appliances you could potentially turn on without worrying about possibly going over and drawing from the grid.

Performance Forecasts & Self-consumption Quotas

Certain brands have developed very versatile monitoring devices, often built-in to the battery, to notify you of the probable performance of your solar array for the foreseeable future.

They work on the basis of up-to-the-minute weather forecasts and taken together with your usual usage habits in the home, can provide a comprehensive consumption quota.

The really front-of-the-market monitors will even advise you which appliances might be best utilised on a particular day.

One in particular additionally has third party monitoring — the appropriate person to fix it will know before you do that something needs to be fixed. As well as channels of contact direct to support to seamlessly see you through any issues or enquiries that may arise.

Back-up Power


Suppose a storm strikes. Whipping winds, rain scatters, branches break and! O dear. The power’s down now as well!

The icecream might melt, the meat spoil, children will wail at the dark and above all: Arsenal FC might lose the lead if you are not there in front of the telly to will them to win.

Absolute horror-story!

A battery storage solution affords you full security that your appliances will run on the power you produced yourself during the day (or previous days). As mentioned above, some monitors will even make it a point to make certain you are prepared in advance.

One has to take care though — not all batteries are built equal.

While you obviously are looking at maximising your grid-independence on principle when looking into purchasing a battery, not every battery can provide power to the home in the event of an outage.

Two in particular do. One as an add-on over and above the battery. In the other it is inbuilt. Both options are available via Astra Solar.

To ask us how, be in touch today with a friendly, informative and helpful consultant now.

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