Battery Storage Safety Now CEC Priority

At this year's All Energy Expo in the Exhibition Centre, the Victorian Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio announced a Battery Assurance Program [sic].

Victorian Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio, Photograph: Via Twitter

It amounts to applying the best practice guidelines in the industry "developed by a collection of groups including the Clean Energy Council, the Australian Industry Group, the Consumer Electronics Suppliers Association, CSIRO and the Smart Energy Council, in collaboration with state electrical safety regulators."

The aim is to see to it that battery technologies meet a high standard of safety and the programme will be regulated by the Clean Energy Council.

To quote CEC Chief Executive Kane Thornton, “Simply put, products that qualify for the Clean Energy Council’s Battery Assurance Program meet the standard we should all expect for a major appliance we are installing in our homes. The products have been independently tested to confirm they are up to the necessary electrical safety and quality standards."

It's essentially an extension of the CEC accreditations already in place for products and installers. You will be able to find which brands of battery qualify on the same site you can find CEC certified panels, retailers and installers.

The CEC's Chief Executive continuted, “I would like to thank LG Chem, sonnen, Tesla and Varta, who have demonstrated that their products meet the best practice guidelines and qualify for the new program.

Energy storage technology has the potential to completely revolutionise the way we use and think about energy. This program is part of a huge suite of initiatives, by the industry for the industry, to ensure the continued confidence of consumers long into the future.”

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