Buyers Beware — Solar Victoria Warns Homeowners of Scammers

It did not take long, did it?

It began with aggressive adverts offering impossibly low prices via social media.

Worked its way up to claims that the recent rebate was about to go any second.

And has now peaked with ethical invertebrates calling claiming to be Solar Victoria to pressure people into giving them their bank details over the phone.

Solar Victoria never takes such sensitive information as banking details over the phone. If someone has called and asked you for them pretending to be Solar Victoria — call them on 1300 363 744, 8.00am–6.00pm Monday to Friday and report the incident to ScamWatch.

Solar Securely

How does one go about taking advantage of the new rebate with unscrupulous activity like this going on?

If you’re already seriously looking into purchasing a solar system for your home, the next step of picking a retailer to install it can be daunting at the best of times. There are several thousand companies selling solar nationally and even more horror stories than that. Who to trust with so important a task as putting a power-plant on top of your most important investment: your home? Clean Energy Council Accreditation The CEC is the industry regulator for solar installations. They have an approval process by way of which solar retailers become signatories to cement their commitment to, A] Ethical sales and pricing practice B] High standards of after-sale care C] Product and operational transparency D] Honouring warranties E] In all ways providing customers with the best services and goods possible Out of so many thousands of companies all across Australia selling solar: eighty two [82] have CEC Approved Retailer Status. Twenty two [22] in Victoria. Seventeen [17] operating nationally. To get in touch with one now, contact a consultant from Astra Solar’s friendly, informative and helpful staff today.

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