Buying Batteries — Now? Or Not?

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There is a great deal of discussion at the minute about batteries for solar systems, but still some uncertainty as to whether it is worth the outlay involved to invest in one.

Is it? Or not?

The Verdict


The battery technology is definitely there at the moment.

The better brands offer sizes suited to cover the average homeowner’s residual nighttime usage as well as afford a variety of other advantages (peak-shaving, back-up power, load-shifting, etc.).

It is true that the outlay is significant, but the value for what it does is sensible. What is grid independence worth to you? Because a battery is your actual best bet to secure self-production/self-consumption parity.


“But when will I see my return on the investment?”

Take an example. Why do you purchase a car? Is it because you believe you will see your return on the investment? It is to be hoped not, as you certainly won’t be seeing that. Ever.

Not only will you not get your money back, it will actively cost you to use it. You need to purchase petrol, pay to have it registered, tolls, parking spaces, etc.

Why do you buy a car then? For the convenience of travel of course! It does you a service you deem equal to the money you pay without any hope of ever seeing it again in savings.

The Bottomline

So you won’t see your ROI in the nearest future on a battery. But you shouldn’t have to just because it saves you money.

And it will save you money. Does it really make sense that that fact puts you off purchasing one? Because you want to save as much as you paid in an arbitrary time-frame?

While you do not purchase anything else using the same logic? Even when they perpetually cost you money after you’ve purchased them? Will you really allow yourself to be put off a product that is genuinely good for you, your home and the planet you inhabit so easily?

All told: if you want to use the lion’s share of your solar self-production, secure your power in the event of an outage and just generally get as independent as possible from the grid — a battery will do that for you. And it won’t cost you the price of a car to do it.

Why wait?

To look into it today, be in touch with a friendly, informative and helpful consultant from Astra Solar now.

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