Coleambally Solar Farm — Breaking Records & Busting Myths

5km North-East of the newest and what has been described as Australia's friendliest town: Coleambally, New South Wales — a monumental 150MW solar farm has been completed.

A town of 600 that celebrated its 50th anniversary in June, it's a very model of what the countryside could be. The nerve centre of the Coleambally Irrigation Area, it produces crops primarily of rice with some wheat, barley, corn, canola, soybeans, olives and almonds plus besides. A farm of the solar variety is right at home here!

560,000 modules installed on 550 hectares, it is presently the largest solar farm in all Australia actually. It will generate to grid a tidy 380,000MWhs annually. That's equivalent to taking 90,000 (non-electric) cars off the road, or, more positively, to planting 530,000 trees. Definitely doing its bit toward the country's emissions reduction target either way.

French renewable energy developer Neoen, owner of the deservedly famous Hornsdale Power Reserve in SA, was behind the project, which topped all times previous for speed of “notice to proceed.” It is temporarily topping all existing solar farms for output at the minute as well. And will do until the Bungala project (Neoen too) is at full capacity.

Also of interest is its output portfolio, which shows it hitting production peaks as early as 8:30AM and carrying on blitzing it after 4PM. Persistent prejudice has had it popularly held that solar farms peak only at midday and are otherwise at other times of limited or little use. Not true.

EnergyAustralia will have 70% take of the epic array's production. The remainder will be sold direct to market. Neoen's Australian Managing Director Franck Woitiez was proud as punch.

Coleambally Solar Farm is an example of the projects that will underpin a modern energy system in Australia...Through the course of its development, we have received enthusiastic response at the regional and state level. . .As a long-term investor in Australia’s renewable energy future, we are proud of this achievement and would like to offer our sincere thanks to the Riverina community for allowing us to realise the full potential of this landmark project.

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