EnergyAustralia First-In-Best-Dressed for TOU FiTs

As you may have heard, the Essential Services Commission in Victoria introduced a time--of-use (TOU) feed-in tariff (FiT) for solar homeowners on 1 July this year.

As of today, EnergyAustralia, living up to their tagline, are the first retailer to adopt and offer the optional time-varying tariff for its solar clientele.

Applause please.


This means that if you own or were to puchase a PV array and make use of the opportunity afforded you by EnergyAustralia,

Your off-peak rate will be 7.1¢ per kWh between 10PM-7AM

Your shoulder rate will be 10.3¢ per kWh between 7AM-3PM/9PM-10PM (weekdays)

Your peak rate will be 29.0¢ per kWh between 3PM-9PM (everyday)

The step should have a domino effect in the energy market. The other retailers risk solar clients shifting over to the only one of them honouring the new minimum TOU FiT if they don't smarten up and follow suit. Bad business sense not to, really.


This is just the latest in a litany of exciting announcements and incentives to invest in solar for your home if you have the good fortune to live in Victoria.

From the second rebate currently in place for select homeowners to a battery subsidy on the cards if Labour's reelected. It has genuinely never been a better time to look into it.

Why not today? Be in touch with an informative, friendly and helpful Astra consultant today.

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