Fed Up with Feed In Tariff Confusion

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Time varying tariffs apply from 1 July 2018

Table(s) Courtesy of the Essential Services Commission -

One of the most common focus points of any conversation we have with our customers is the feed in tariff and how it really works. A fair question considering with how much it has changed since the 'glory days' of 60c and even higher with certain retailer deals. Let us make it clear right now that those 'glory days' have been and gone and the chances of us ever seeing them again are slim to say the least. However, all hope has not gone. With the recent changes that have now come in, many of us have a renewed opportunity to use our solar more to our advantage.

As you can see from the table above there is now a variable feed in tariff option which is split into three periods throughout the day. There is also a fixed rate option available of 9.9c/kwh which we would recommend for customers who can only fit the majority of their system on their East facing roof.

"What does this really mean for me?"

Considering that the generous 29c/kwh rate begins late afternoon, early evening time around 3pm solar systems with the majority of their panels on a West facing roof will reap the benefits of this higher rate more than North only and much more than those with an East facing system. What this really means for you and I is that we now have a great opportunity to increase the size of the solar system we would have previously considered in order to have some more panels installed on our West facing roofs to help generate more energy during the peak period.

Example : In the case where someone enquiring into solar has space on their North, West & East facing roofs of their home, previously they may have considered getting as much as possible installed onto the North facing roof only and limiting their investment to what could fit. Now, with the new variable feed in tariff we have the opportunity to invest in a slightly larger system to have additional panels installed on the West roof as well as the North, benefiting from the 29c/kwh even more.

Again, each solar customer has slight variations of their personal situation due to a number of different reasons such as varying roof space, angles, sunlight hours, shading issues, time & amount of usage of power in their household. This is why at Astra Solar we don't advocate the typical 'One shoe fits all' approach that has been adopted by much of the market in recent years.

We hope this has made things slightly clearer for you. To receive more in-depth information tailored to your person situation please click on this link and a member of our team will be happy to discuss this with you further.

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