Is Solar Worth It?


The benefits of purchasing an appropriately sized solar system for your home are immense and many. To cover just a few,

1. Reduce Your Bills

The most obvious immediate benefit after investing in solar is the fact that you will potentially dramatically bring your bill down.

By producing the energy yourself to power your appliances throughout the home during the day, you do not have to purchase electricity from the grid for that purpose.

You will even be paid for any overproduction for each kWh that you send back to the grid. This can go toward offsetting your residual nighttime usage as well as your supply charge.

2. Refined Tech at Reduced Prices

The cost of a standard PV array (panels + inverter) has gone down massively from what it was even 5 years ago.

By contrast, the price of coal-produced power only ever goes up each year. Electricity rates rise by between 4%-11% per annum.

The technology has progressed apace as well. Panels are more powerful, more efficient and last longer.

Inverters offer accurate performance data, can be paired with sophisticated software to maximise your self-production & self-consumption and are designed to meet ever higher service-life standards.

Then there are brilliant battery options by big brands committed to peerless performance now easily available as well, such as Sonnen.

3. Cleaner & Future Friendly

It is internationally accepted that the current indefinite dependence on non-naturally recurring fossil-fuels for our power, is unacceptable. International initiatives to remedy this state of affairs are in place and mounting in pace.

By investing in solar, you are actively contributing to the solution to perhaps the planet's most pressing problem.

Not all heroes wear capes and all that…

4. Add Resell Value To Your Property

85% of Australians believe that a home with rooftop solar atop is worth a higher purchase-price than a house without it.

Renters have also indicated they were a willing to pay higher rent to live in homes with solar. 2 out of 5 happy to pay an extra $10 a week.

Why not?

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