Renewables One-upmanship — Victoria Sees SA a Battery Rebate

We were reeling at the news that SA was to become the first State in all Australia to make available a subsidy for the purchase of a battery — when the local Labour government here in Vic would not be outdone.

They were already offering a second rebate for the purchase of a PV array, with a generous proviso to include homes that adopted solar before it was cool. It became cool as of 1 November 2009, if you didn't know.

This subsidy was to be supported by interest-free loans, on condition that you reelect them. They've now doubled-down on renewable reasons why they should have your vote: a Vic battery rebate of our own!

The Details

They'll be putting $40 million toward subsidising batteries for 10,000 Victorians with solar already atop their homes.

It will be included as part of the earlier announced $1.31 billion Solar Homes initiative.

Homeowners will only be eligible for one or the other of the rebates. You cannot install PV plus a battery and collect both.

The avowed end aim is to directly and discernibly reduce electric bills for 720,000 homes in the State over the course of the next 10 years.

The tacit, if obvious, end aim is of course reelection.

Premier Daniel Andrews:

“Only Labor will put solar panels, solar hot water or solar batteries on 720,000 homes – saving Victorians thousands of dollars on their electricity bills with renewable energy.”

Best to vote for them then! Right?

Minister for Energy Lily D'Ambrosio,

“This is about modernising our electricity grid to help us transition to a more affordable, reliable and clean energy system.”

Victoria Back in the Lead

Any road, the announcement puts Vic a head ahead of SA so far as renewable incentives go.

To sum up, the local Labour government now has on offer:

1. An additional rebate to encourage the purchase of rooftop solar for 650,000 households.

2. $1,000 off a solar hot-water system for 60,000 homes

And, subject to successful reelection,

3. Interest free loans.

4. A subsidy of up to $4,838 for buying a battery for 10,000 standing solar homeowners.

Over to you SA. See us a rooftop rebate and raise a feed-in tariff?

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