Renewables Roll On

Despite the complete collapse of the NEG, utter disorientation of the Federal energy and environment policies, the total absence of political will or proper planning on Australia's emissions reduction obligations — business is "getting on with it."

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation has committed a record $2.3 billion in investments towards renewable projects.

CEO Ian Learmonth told ABC Radio "Even though the federal government has been moving around in the last couple of years in terms of their regulatory environment, we're seeing a whole raft of investment still just happening in any case...It's a direction that's going to continue unabated so I think we have to prepare ourselves for it."

So much so that September saw solar outpace wind nationally for the first time ever. Rooftop plus utility-scale generation put up a monumental 935.9GWh, roundly edging out turbine production which ended on 913.9GWh.

The lion's share of PV power was produced not by giant generators, but rather by ordinary, everyday, homeowners. 761.0GWh came from household installations across the country. The remaining 174.9GWh from industrial sized installs. It tallied to a total of just under 6% of entire generation all told across the National Energy Market.

And it's as it should be. Research commissioned by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has found that firmed mixed renewables are pound-for-pound, penny-for-penny better than baseload coal.

Keith Lovegrove of ITP Power, a key contributor to the research, has put it perfectly and super succinctly: “There is no earthly argument for building a new coal-fired generator in this country, even if you didn’t care about emissions.”

There is no earthly argument either for not looking into a solar solution for your own home or business and joining the ever increasing fleet of PV power. Be in touch today with a friendly, informative and helpful Astra Solar consultant to sort it out.

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