Residential Rooftop Solar Blitzing It Unabated

October was the latest in a rather rapid series of record breaking months for small-scale installations all across Australia.

Solar consultancy SunWiz showed a 158MW of systems sized at under 100kW installed across all States. It's a 15% improvement on the previous record set in August.

A special mention goes to the State of Victoria which, with a fresh subsidy from Labour leading up to the next local elections, smashed past the 1GW mark with 37.6MW on the month. It is just the fourth State to top it.

The total for the entire year is now well in excess of 2017 — 1.25GW up from 1.5GW. And we have two months to go!

Nationally there are at present 1.97 million homes with solar atop them tallying to 7.74GW all told.

The leader table looks like this,




New South Wales1.75GW




Western Australia1.01GW

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