SA Gov Kicks Off $50 Million Grid Scale Storage Fund

Earlier in the week (19 November) the South Australian government announced its $50 million Grid Scale Storage Fund (GSSF).

The day following the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) signed off a Memorandum of Understanding committing to aid in implementing it.

The GSSF will provide working capital for infrastructure that addresses the State's intermittency issues. It is to be divided up between both grid-scale projects and behind-the-meter assets (presumably batteries capable of participating in Virtual Power Plants).

The fund does not favour any particular variety of generation, so a number of technologies will be eligible to apply for it. Including hydro, hydrogen, gas storage, solar thermal, bioenergy as well as battery storage.

“This multi-million dollar fund is more great news for both business and consumers, and is one of a range of measures the Liberal Government is taking to make electricity more affordable and reliable,” Minister van Holst Pellekaan said.

“The fund is technology neutral. Eligible projects must benefit the state by addressing the challenges that have driven up electricity prices in South Australia. For example, projects could boost the reliability of our network during peak periods or increase the security of supply at the fringe of our grid. The fund will leverage South Australia’s world-class renewable energy assets, as well as the engineering and technology expertise within our business and investment community.”

The Fund acts to compliment a State subsidy for residential battery installations inaugurated at the end of October. The stunning success of the Hornsdale Power Reserve, sonnen's switch of main office and manufacture base to SA and a pipeline of projects (1., 2., 3.) are combining to create a perfect storm.

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