SA & sonnen — Solar Storage Set to Take Off

The website for the South Australian government's solar storage subsidy is up and sonnen is proceeding apace with plans to begin production locally on the former Holden GM site in Elizabeth.

Old Holden Manufacturing Plant

Sonnen announced its intention to set up shop in SA February of this year and even to move their official office from Sydney to Adelaide. It was a question of where exactly.

A question which was answered last month when the ex-Holden site was named the day after the SA government announced its plan to put $100 million of subsidies on the table for 40,000 households.

The factory's forecasted to create 430 jobs in the first 6 months all along the lines of production and installation.

The opening target is to assemble 10,000 units per annum and the avowed end aim is to make it the main manufacturing base for the entire Asia Pacific region.

Operations should kick off in November.

Sonnen CEO Christoph Ostermann “Sonnen will bring great benefits to South Australia through jobs at its Australian headquarters and factory in Elizabeth, lower energy prices for households that take up the battery program [Home Battery Scheme], and increased retail energy competition, decreasing energy prices for everyone. . .We are very excited to begin manufacturing in South Australia for the Australian and export markets and anticipate Australia will become the world’s number one market for energy storage systems.”

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