Say Willkommen to Sonnen!

Sonnen is the brand of battery you haven’t, but want to hear of.

In operation since 2010, with majority market penetration for solar battery solutions internationally (32%), 30,000 battery storage units installed all told (and running!), offices on both sides of the equator and either side of the world including one in Sydney.

Their list of awards reads like a litany to expertise and excellence: Best of German Industry, German Sustainability, 50 Smartest Companies, Deloitte Fast 50, 1,000 Europe’s Fasting Growing Companies. To name just a few.

500 distribution partners worldwide, the only proven peer-to-peer solar network on the planet (in Wildpoldspried DE) and a plan to bring it to our shores — thinking about a battery: think sonnen.

A sonnen storage battery can be paired and retrofitted seamlessly with any existing solar system or installed as part of a package together with panels plus inverter.

sonnenFlat, P-2-P — the Future

Not only does sonnen make top-shelf tech and absolutely state-of-the-art solar storage options, they are innovating in the industry in a big way. And it’s all news of the best kind for those interested in investing in a battery!

In the very near future they’ll be rolling out an initiative called sonnenFlat.

This will enable sonnen battery owners the option of making sonnen their energy retailer. At which point, they will have only the one monthly bill at a low fixed rate from then on. From as low as $30 a month!

As if that was not beyond brilliant by now, they aim to establish a peer-to-peer power-sharing arrangement between owners of sonnen systems.

Picture a poor day of deep, dark clouds all overcast across the sky. In Melbourne, obviously. Your solar system may not produce enough to both cover your household appliances and fill the battery for the evening.

Meanwhile all the way over in bright Queensland or sunburnt Western Australia, another solar homeowner with a sonnen storage solution has a surplus of sun pound down upon their array all day. They produce more than they reasonably need for themselves.

You will be able to draw on their excess power as a member of the sonnen national network, rather than buy needlessly from the grid at peak-rate prices.

But to be a part of that, you need to have invested in a sonnen battery to begin with. To sort a sonnen storage solution today, get in touch with a friendly, informative and helpful Astra Solar consultant now.

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