Small-scale Solar Continues Killing It Quarterly

The Clean Energy Regulator's data is out for the July-September quarter and the results were stunning.

The CER figures show that the cumulative national total for systems up to 100kW was 63,514 arrays installed across all States. That tallies to 351,833kW output capacity taken together. August was a record-breaking month before being tidily topped by October.

Queensland sits atop the leader board with 15,991 arrays installed, just edging out New South Wales which ended on 15,883. Some consolation comes from the fact NSW had the most small-scale commercial installations at 1,507.

Victoria enrolled itself among the elite in October by breaking 1GW with 37.6MW on the month. No surprises, given the second subsidy (in addition to the STCs) and the fairly straightforward local elections promising more with a battery rebate plus besides.

Batteries, naturally, proceeded at a slower pace. There were 1,278 systems with a battery. This will pick up massively with the storage subsidies in SA and Victoria — the former already actioned and the other to kick off in 2019.

In terms of performance, September saw solar outpace wind nationally for the first time ever. Rooftop plus utility-scale generation put up a monumental 935.9GWh, roundly edging out turbine production which ended on 913.9GWh.

The lion's share of PV power was produced not by giant generators, but rather by ordinary, everyday, homeowners. It was these small-scale installations that did the trick — 761.0GWh came from household installations across the country. The remaining 174.9GWh from industrial sized installs. Altogether it made up just under 6% of entire generation all told across the National Energy Market.

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