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sonnen Overview

Sonnen is authentically German — all efficiency and service standards.

They have been in operation since 2010 and intensively refined their battery technologies through seven versions of solar storage units.

They have 26% of the European market, 23% of the global aggregate and 13% in Australia already.

A Closer Look at the Product

What is involved in a sonnen battery in terms of tech?

It is a battery stack attractively enclosed in a class case — white, black or silver.

The cell chemistry is lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO 4). This is significantly stabler than the car-battery standard of lithium certain competitors use in their solar storage options.

They’re designed for twenty years (20) service-life and carry a 10,000 cycle (or 10 year) product warranty.

They have been subjected to over 150 controlled safety-tests as of the writing of this article.

No thermal runaway. No outgassing.

Available for single and three phase properties.


Optional sides for sonnen include,

sonnenProtect to permit back-up power during a grid outage

An extension cabinet to upsize the battery stack if your consumption increases in future

Plinth for extra aesthetic effect, allowing for installation above the wall-skirting so it sits flush

An outdoor enclosure — Subtitle: Bomb-shelter for your battery.

More Than Just a Battery

The tech doesn’t end at the capacity to store PV power for nighttime usage in the home.

A sonnen battery comes with user-friendly state-of-the-art software easily accessible on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop — from home, at work or even overseas on holiday.

Navigable via Apps available on GooglePlay.

Not Just a Pretty Case

Additionally, sonnen’s tech is smart.

It actively learns your consumption behaviour to meet and maximise your real-time usage habits.

It takes account of your PV production on average as well to create a production profile to marry with the way in which you use your electrical appliances (and when) in the home.

Sonnen knows how much electricity your solar system is producing to the minute (and can accurately predict it), knows the weather (and what it will be), knows the season. Everything but how to love, basically.

But we’re certain you’ll love it even if it can’t love you back (yet). So be in touch today to speak with a friendly, informative and helpful Astra Solar consultant today.

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