sonnenProtect — Black-out Back-up Power

In investing in a battery, one of the key attractions is grid-independence. The aim is, ideally, to make your home as little dependent on the energy retailers as possible.

In particular, power in the event of an outage is a constant concern. If the grid goes down, can your PV array provide you with energy security until it is up and running again? Shouldn’t it?

Contrary to popular misconception, most batteries do not have the capacity to power your appliances for the duration of the downtime.

Of those that do, sonnen stands out.

sonnen — A Comprehensive Solution

Sonnen solar storage solutions can be coupled with the sonnenProtect feature.

It does not come standard with a battery, but can easily be included either in the purchase package on request or retrofitted later as an added bit of kit.

This enables 1.3KW of power output in the event of a black-out.

Like all sonnen tech, it’s smart. That is to say, it actively anticipates electricity blackouts before they occur and switches you over seamlessly to the stored PV power without any interruption. Literally 0 second standard switchover time! No kick-over surge required.


The sonnenProtect feature can continue to supply power to,



Phone/tablet chargers


Fridges and freezers (provided they have a respectable energy-rating)

Evaporative coolers of the carry-about variety


What this means is that you can keep up connectivity with the outer world with your phones fully charged and laptops running.

You can have the fans on — crucially important if it is a Summer outage owed to overuse of air-conditioners overrunning the grid.

Fridges and freezers to see to it your food doesn’t spoil or ice cream melt.

Lights on to keep the kids calm.

To look into sonnen solar storage solution today, be in touch with a friendly, informative and helpful Astra Solar consultant.

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