The Government Rebate’s Going

You’ve perhaps (probably…) heard that before, granted. But as of today, it’s as true as it is tirelessly repeated.

ACCC Commissioner Rod Sims has nailed his colours to the mast as of 13 August, pushing a package of 56 recommendations to National Party MPs and advocating the abolishment of the Small-scale Technology subsidies for solar.

Initially immediately, he has however toned the timeframe down to 2021. If nothing else, to allow himself an interval to sort solar for his own home before making it markedly less affordable for every other Australian for the foreseeable future.

Despite the fact that rooftop solar has demonstrably reduced wholesale prices (and 70 plus percent of Australians know it) and is consistently rendering network expansions and additional grid-capacity increasingly superfluous (easier on the taxes for us all). And while a bigger energy retailer has posted up tripled positive profit purely from raising electricity prices this fiscal year. Calling to cut the rebate couldn’t be more timely, clearly. My eyes, they are rolling Mr. Commissioner.

The indefatigable John Grimes, the very active head of the Smart Energy Council (my inbox almost invariably has something in it from him each week), has returned fire on the industry’s behalf and asked those of us who work within it to email the premiers and energy ministers to register our outrage. Do do that here if you have a spare moment.

He has correctly characterised the recent war-drumming against rooftop solar potentially “devastating” for families and businesses (of the smaller, local variety) hoping to rein in mounting electric costs.

Whether you want to invest in PV power at a time not necessarily this side of 2021, or just rather energy prices go down rather than endlessly up. Dispensing with the rebate serves no one’s good.

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