Total Global CO2 Emissions to Hit Record High

For all the positive developments this year, nationally and internationally, in renewable sources of generation: it isn't enough.

Data from the Global Carbon Project dampen down the optimism surrounding such facts as that more PV power was introduced all round the world than coal, natural gas and nuclear taken together.

Two problems posed by polar opposite situations remain insoluble. The biggest polluters can't shed dependence on unclean energy quick enough and emerging economies are likely to inherit a default dependence on it unless a framework to transition them to modern standards via renewables is put in place. It is imperative that these are sorted out as quick as we are humanly capable.

China is directly responsible for 27% of the whole world's carbon emissions and are on track to up them by a further 4.7%. Their polluted air regularly blows over to Korea and as an investor in the developing countries, they contribute considerably to those countries' emissions as well.

US emissions account for 15% and will likely pick up by another 2.5% at the close of the calendar year, after steadily declining in those years immediately prior. Probable projections suggest the trend will return to renewables this year coming.

India is accountable for 7% of the global total and have the highest putative emissions increase of any country — nearly doubling their existing emissions with 6.3%.

The remainder derives from a drive for more personal transport, international shipping, freight and aviation just generally.

In developing regions, it is mainly modernising their energy that is causing the trouble. Clean cooking is the principle imperative there. Indoor air pollution is principally caused by smoke from antiquated methods of food preparation.

Taken together, emissions are predicted to rise by 2.7% overall worldwide to the worst they have ever been.

The GCP's latest data comes as a conference is carried on in Katowice (Poland) where Sir David Attenborough, in his capacity as representative of the people, pressed home the need for acute action.

Don't disobey David Attenborough. He's charming and wise. Look into a solar or storage solution for your home or business today!

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