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It's curtains for True Value Solar!


After successfully poisoning the market for nearly nine years, the indisputable fastest in the race to the bottom, cheapest kit complete with horrendous standards of install, nonexistent custom care, ACCC fines, et cetera — are out.

These people were proper crime watch. The author's accountant, long before being chartered, once naively worked for them. You could hear people shouting at the sales staff through the phone she told me — even at a distance.

Their majority shareholder, surprisingly genuinely German, has pulled out: effectively and satisfyingly hollowing out the company. There's a German word for that. Schadenfreude.

Their less than 30 actual Australian employees must be devastated just now. I do honestly feel a bit bad for them, but not more than I do and have done for every prospect that has decided to go "budget" and been entrapped in the open arms of this properly horrific company.

They were the reason people say "I have solar, but it doesn't do anything." They were why prospective clients imagined a 5kW array fully installed should cost $4,000. They are the reason why people dislike and suspect all sales consultants out of hand.

The riddance, they are good.

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