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Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Malcolm Turnbull, previously prime minister, now strictly a citizen, has found that there are benefits to not being leader of the country as head of the Coalition. Like being able to speak one's mind openly. At the Smart Energy Council’s NSW energy summit in Sydney, he took occasion to nail his colours to the mast clearly and clear his name of inaction.

It was strident stuff, even eloquent in places. He said significant numbers of Coalition party members live in a “fact-free zone,” are arrant climate science deniers, push for pulling out of the Paris Agreement and that the NEG was exploded by “ideology and idiocy.” Sound. He spoke of how, to his dismay, people could "look you in the eye" and say with a straight face that underwriting new coal generation was cheaper than renewables.

Turnbull was always quite quietly pro clean energy. His home has a solar array installed on it. He was buzzing from a visit to the Tesla Gigafactory, including a test-drive he was ecstatic about, in 2015. The NEG had a big place for firmed renewables. It isn't surprising this was the catalyst to oust him from office and replace him with his polar opposite — literally a coal-carrying, close-minded, conservative Christian.

Mr. Turnbull's Solar System

Mr. Turnbull was bang on in his speech in Sydney, succinctly stating the bottom-line plainly: “This is not a religious issue. This is an issue that has to be grounded in engineering and economics. We know that we need to decarbonise.”

Mr. Turnbull Posing With a Tesla Model S

It came with the usual caveats about cost and practicality. These are carry-overs from his politics, not reflective of the facts which show we are actually on track as it is to hit 80% clean sources of generation, even if nothing improves, by 2030.

Turning out Turnbull is likely the turning point for the Liberals, signalling the end of their Federal hegemony. Politicians deny, ignore, minimise, climate concerns at their peril and draw down inevitable irrelevance on themselves by doing so.

Labour's positive proactive planning in this respect has won them local election after local election. Their pledge to rehabilitate the NEG and up its RET to 2030 will likely win them the whole kitty. If the Coalition cannot get a clue, they won't stand a chance.

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