Victoria Votes — Solar Wins

An alternative headline might have been “Labor Spanks Liberals.”

It was an utter rout over the weekend, despite expectations that it would be a close fought thing. Labor could hold as many as 62 seats, with 52 already definite yesterday morning when 71% of the lower house ballots had been tallied. It is at 56 out of 88 now. 11 seats more than the minimum majority needed.

Dependable strongholds for the Coalition such as Sandringham shocked by swinging away — by 9% there — from their historical voting patterns in favour of Labor. Even blue-chip Brighton, which has never been won by Labor since the seat was created in 1856, has come down to a hair's breadth. It might be taken by a 19 year old who spent a total of a mere $1,750 on his “campaign.”

This came on the back of an announcement by Federal Labor that they are committed to renewables as imperative party policy, pledging $15 billion to appropriate national network updates, $200 million to a battery subsidy and signalling they will rehabilitate the NEG with an up-scaled emissions reduction target.

Polling by Ipsos consulting firm confirms that 2 in 5 voters (39%) are convinced that, when it comes to energy policy, “the main priority should be reducing carbon emissions.”

55% of people polled between ages 18-24 and 45% of those aged between 25-39 think this to be the case.

61% of those earning more than $100,000 annually are of this opinion.

It is 40+ year olds earning less than that, particularly if it is under $40,000 per annum (69%), who feel lower bills hold absolute place of priority.

The signs are amply clear.

Labor's local victory in Victoria will see the Victorian Solar Homes programme stepped up to 720,00 owner-occupiers and a half-price battery storage subsidy for 10,000 solar homeowners rolled out in the new year. Tremendous stuff!

Don't already own a solar system? Be in touch today to benefit from the Victorian Solar Homes initiative and get a head-start on any exciting future subsidies for solar storage!

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